Wedding Planning

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What is a Wedding Planner?!

Now before we start let us just put things into perspective... If you need a haircut, you don't do it yourself. If you need to do your tax returns, yes you can do it yourself but many opt for an accountant. Now, here is us saying, if you need help planning your wedding.. WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

Here is what we do for our clients..

 "We make sure YOU are relaxed and stress free. We make sure YOU have the wedding of your dreams. We make sure YOU make the most of the lead up to your wedding without breaking a sweat.

We will take all the crappy jobs like researching and contacting vendors requesting price comparison, negotiations, managing awkward conversations and basically... all the tough jobs leaving you with enjoying the fun little things of a wedding like cake tasting, or focusing on your hens/bucks parties and living your best life.

Now your next question is "How am I going to afford a wedding planner without bruising my wedding budget?"

You're barking up the right tree ... Keep scrolling for our Wedding Planning packages ✨

Our Packages

The Hand Holder

We will make sure you are stress FREE during the entire planning process. Staying within your budget and having the day of your dreams.

  • Unlimited communication with a designated Planner

  • Full management of budget and vendor tracker

  • 3 quote requests per vendor

  • Booking of viewings and tastings

  • Full Vendor management

  • On the day management of all vendors to ensure it's set up as you envisioned



The Pick n' Mix

This is a partial planning service, maybe you need a kick start in your wedding planning, we will lock in 2-3 vendors or you have had enough and need us to finish it off for you.

We can customise our service to your planning needs

  • Customised budget and vendor tracker

  • Vendor Run-sheet

  • Quote requests for up to 3 vendors

  • Booking of viewings or tastings for those vendors booked by WG