Heart Confetti

Jess & Luke

My fiancé and I met on Tinder almost three years ago and now we have a beautiful daughter Kahari who is almost two years old. It was love at first swipe (as cheesy as that sounds) and we had planned to get married on 17 October 2020. In order to save for this beautiful moment in our lives, my partner and I were working tirelessly to afford our dream wedding. I was working two jobs at the start of 2020, one as a personal trainer & the other for a children’s photography company.

As the COVID-19 cases became more apparent, I lost both jobs instantly! Luckily my partner held on to his job and we were able to weather the storm. However all hopes of having enough money to put on a wedding disappeared as our savings dwindled away. I honestly didn’t realise how expensive it would be to tie the knot in front of your close family & friends.


I don’t think we will be able to recover financially for some time now to get married, the only option I can see at this point which would break my mother’s heart would be to elope. Thank you for letting me share my story. I would so love to have the magical wedding we were planning on!

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Kris & Adam

2020 has been one of the most challenging years for everyone. I was so incredibly lucky to have a sustainable job as an essential worker, but it came with some really difficult times. 


I’m Kris and I’m a paramedic. I have a very small incredible family all who live under the same roof. A mother who has an autoimmune disease, an elderly grandfather who has three heart stents after he had a heart attack in February and my two beautiful nieces - all of them entirely 

immunocompromised. Not to mention my incredible in-laws with my soon to be father in law fighting cancer. 


With the increased demand of work and needing to work more to support the rest of my family, it also meant more exposure. Every day we transported people who were presenting with factors of COVID-19, each symptomatic patient meant extra days of self isolation at home until I was provided the all clear which meant I wasn’t able to see my family. Not seeing my family to save yours was by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do. This year saw a lot of sacrifice but I wouldn’t take it back. I love what I do. All of our families are more important than a single day. A wedding could wait, I was not prepared to celebrate without my loved ones and I’m so grateful I still have the opportunity to have them all by our side when Adam and I can have our special day. 


This whole year has been incredibly tough on so many people. Trust me I’ve seen the worst of it, it would be nice to see something good come from it.


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Michaela & Matt

We thought 2020 would be a year filled with love, excitement, and new beginnings. Instead, the year was taken over by the pandemic, family tragedies and the cancellation of our wedding. On 23 October 2019, Matthew got down on one knee and asked me to marry him at Milford Sound in New Zealand. We were so excited to start this new chapter and had booked everything within four months of being engaged. The wedding was set for 23 October 2020 at Bimbadgen Palmers Lane in the Hunter Valley. Working as a registered nurse, I started to see the destruction and heartbreak that COVID-19 was bringing to others and we began to realise our plans would have to change.  We were heartbroken at the thought of having to cancel our wedding and not being able to call each other husband and wife. 


Three or four months before the wedding, we were so devastated to find out that Matt’s Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had to start treatment right away. We had to cancel the wedding - we couldn’t risk the health and safety of our guests and we didn’t want to celebrate when my mother in law was so unwell. After cancelling the wedding in July, things went from bad to worse. In August, my incredible grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and two weeks later she passed away. I had lost one of the most important people in my life. 


23 October 2020 came around and we sat there all day thinking what could have been. Seeing each other for the first time, my amazing Dad walking me down the aisle to the man I have wanted to marry for so many years, our vows, our first kiss as husband and wife; surrounded by the people most special to us. 


Sharing our story with the potential to win our dream wedding back is something I’d never thought we would have the opportunity to do. After a year of tears, I hope that we can end it on a high. For my mother-in-law to watch me marry her son, it would be an incredible blessing.

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Heart Confetti

Faustine & Daniel

We had originally organised our wedding to be at a residential address and our numbers were quickly reduced from 90 down to 5 due to restrictions. We waited until we could have 20 but were then hit with another obstacle when my fiance’s parents (kind of important guests!) were stuck in QLD due to border restrictions. We thought about moving to a COVID safe venue but after losing my job due to COVID-19, we simply couldn't justify the money. Now we are hoping and praying for eased restrictions by October 2021!


Nicole & Mark

I have been with my fianće for nearly 8 years and he is my entire world and more. I had to keep postponing my wedding that was meant to happen two years ago because I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn't know how everything would work out or whether I would even be able to marry my soulmate. Then I lost my youngest sister to meningococcal two months later which was heartbreaking. Now after three surgeries and one radioactive iodine treatment I’m pretty much in the clear and all I want to do is finally marry my best friend because I’ll be here to be his wife.