Emma and Meg are an absolute dream team. From someone that stresses quite easily and wants everything to be perfect, it was a lovely surprise to be so relaxed leading up to and during our wedding day. We didn’t have to worry as they had everything under control and thought of the little things that are often missed. Both Emma and Meg are so accommodating and easily approachable which made life 10x easier.

Michaela & Matthew


Honza and I met the Wedding Grounds team through the venue Hollybrook. We have stayed in Hollybrook in August 2020 to celebrate 4 years together and the moment we got engaged I emailed the owners of Hollybrook to ask if they knew a venue around the area that accepts small wedding like ours - 20-25 people. Their reply was - “what a perfect timing, we just partnered with the lovely girls from Wedding Grounds and will be able to host our first wedding in April”. After the first chat with the WG team, we didn’t think twice and closed the date. They were supportive and caring since day 1. Introduced us to amazing vendors. Always available to any questions - The communication was excellent and it was a 100% stress free wedding planning with this team!! The wedding day (in our case - the weekend) was absolutely perfect!!! They put so much effort and care preparing every detail - checking us in, setting up the ceremony, reception, supporting with the bar - everything really! We couldn’t recommend the WG team enough!!

Juliana and Honza