Why you should consider hiring an On-The-Day Coordinator for your wedding

Ok, firstly you’re thinking well what’s the difference between a coordinator and planner and secondly, I’ve just planned my entire wedding why would I need one?

An On-The-Day Coordinator is responsible for the running of the day ensuring contact and communication with all vendors, updating all parties if there are any changes to the day especially when it comes to wet weather plans and the obvious, taking the pressure off the couple and reliving you from multiple logistical calls and questions.

What does it involve?

Generally the On-The-Day Coorinator should start with a comprehensive consultation with the bridal couple weeks before the wedding understanding the timeline, details, vendors and requirements. You need to really think, ok what can this person take off my hands for example, do you need them to usher guests from one location to another? Or put out the schedule on everyone’s seats for the ceremony? Or tell the vendors exactly where they need to set up their trucks, furniture, florals etc? Because if you can’t do it, who will?

What are the benefits?

the obvious, reduce stress and logistical calls on the day. The day will run smoother and you don’t have to fret over the little things that creep up on the day. Ok some of the less obvious reasons: We had a bride who didn’t know when to be queued to walk down the isle because she couldn’t hear the music. Who’s going to queue you and the band to be in sync? They’re also significantly cheaper than a Full service wedding planner and basically just execute your vision. They don’t control or plan anything, they’re there to follow your directions and get shit done.

Think of them as your wedding day ninja or wizard. They’re there to make sure everything falls into place with no hiccups. they’re there to support you so you can enjoy your special day.

Speak to one of our team members if you’re interested in hiring a “On-The-Day Coordiantor”

Love WG


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