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Finding vendors can be overwhelming in the wedding planning process because there are soooo many options out there. We have taken the liberty to put together some vendors for you to take your wedding aesthetics to the next level.

Naked Tipi’s

Photographed by @jackhenryphoto, tipi by @katalanetents

Tipi’s are a great addition to your wedding, especially naked tipi’s. You can have a breakout area with furniture underneath for guests to rest their feet after dancing the night away. Fairy lights wrapped around the tipi will add a beautiful touch to your wedding when the sun goes down.

Neon Signage

Photographed by @ringandveil, signage by @beyondneonsigns

Neon signs can really add some personality and mood to your wedding. So many companies such as the above can either design your own personalised neon sign or potentially hire. Have you considered even creating a neon sign with your wedding hashtag?

Alternatives to an Arbour

Photographed by @musephotography_thelifeofamuse, Doors by @crabapplehire_style

We recently planned a wedding for this gorgeous couple who wanted something different. They were sick of seeing traditional arbours and wanted to add character to their ceremony. The backdrop was absolutely gorgeous with vineyards but we needed something to frame them. Rustic furniture such as doors with added florals just took this ceremony to the next level.

Bar vans

Bar @hellolucylou

We can’t recommend portable bars enough for weddings. We love working with vendors such as the above because not only are they cute, but they create a break out space for your guests to move around. Guests can walk up and grab a drink, cocktail and have a chit chat before heading back to their seats which is what you want at a wedding - mingling!!

Bar hire companies like the above tend to also decorate and bring a bit of furniture along with them depending on their inclusions.

Have you got any additional tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

Love WG


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