Guide to writing your own Wedding Vows

Before you start panicking with the thoughts running through your head “Where.. Do.. I.. Start!!” just know you are not alone. It can feel like a lot of pressure when it comes to writing your own vows with the perfect balance of saying something worthy, meaningful, witty, tear jerking and memorable.

Few simple ways to start writing your vows

1. Starting your vows early will always take the pressure and the edge off when sitting down and writing it out. Start jotting things down in bullet point form in your phone notes every time a thought comes through your head or you have a funny moment.

2. Jotting down all the things that come to mind about your spouse. Doesn’t have to be in a perfect order but start writing down your favourite:

  • qualities about them

  • moments shared

  • Memories

  • challenges you’ve overcome together

  • Personal story

  • Everyday quirks you share together

3. Explain how your partner has impacted your life

  • Life lessons they may have taught you

  • Practical skills they’ve shared with you

  • Inspired you to do

  • Emotional growth

4. Have a look through your photos together. You might find some funny videos or shared moments that you’ve captured you can refer to. Maybe an overseas trip you’ve been on, maybe a scary story that you got through together.

5. Get inspired - What’s your favourite line from a movie or song that expresses your feelings? Can you quote it in your vows?

6. Make realistic promises - While you should vow to love, honor and cherish them through sickness and in health, there’s always room to make promises that are a little more personal and down-to-earth too. Maybe something quirky like you’ll support their marvel obsession or always laugh at their jokes, even the bad ones.

7. Finish off with what’s to come and look into the future - close your vows with what your future holds like your hopes and dreams together. Be optimistic, caring and honest.

Now, bring all those things together and start writing out your draft. Remember, you can always edit and cut things down as you go along. Allow your personality to shine, don't be afraid to sound cheesy. Once you’ve a draft written down, get a second opinion from a trusted friend.

Have you got any additional tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

Love WG


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