Clever Ways to Save Cash!


CONGRATULATIONS on planning your wedding, that’s exciting!!

What isn’t great is the dent the wedding budget will make in your savings. On average an Australian wedding can cost anywhere between $35k-$65K…WHAT?! Now, don’t freak out if your budget isn’t within this range, you, better than anyone will know what you can and cannot afford. First rule, create a budget and track your spend.

You don’t need to rush out and remortgage your house or sell an organ to fund this wedding, a wedding is about bringing family and friends together and celebrating LOVE, not flashing the cash on pointless shit.

The budget is going to make a dent in your savings, but sit down and make a list of what is important to you and your partner. The ‘Must haves’ along with the ‘ Nice to haves’ and start your planning from there. Remember, everyone is going to have an opinion but ultimately it’s your day and you have our support.

We thought you would like our 10 clever ways to save money

Midweek wedding

Getting married mid week can save you a small fortune on venue fees, usually there are discounted rates which means you can use that money towards something else.

Ceremony & reception in the same place

All of our Wedding Grounds venue’s are a one stop shop for this, say I do and then party the night away with your guests without having to get up and move. This will save you travel fees as you won’t need to think about moving guests from venue A to venue B and you don’t need to decorate 2 separate spaces.

Small wedding party

Now this can be tricky as everyone wants their 5 besties standing beside them on their wedding day BUT remember that could potentially mean spending $$ x 5 for outfits, hair and make up, flowers, gifts and accessories. The bigger the bridal party the bigger the cost!

Beautiful venue - No need for additional decor

THE DREAM! Picking a space that is already naturally beautiful, like an outdoor garden which is already filled with flowers and great photo ops will save you big time. Add in some candles and fairy lights and you’re good to go. Check the venue's inclusions as well, if they include furniture then make it work.

Drop the travel fee - Local vendors

When searching for vendors, check where they are located. If you are asking them to travel then expect to pay, depending on the location this can be in the $200+

Support local vendors which in turn supports the local community, search through your venues insta page and see who has worked there before.

Budget - Let all your vendors know

Don’t keep it a secret. The vendors are the pros and will be able to suggest how you can save money and explain all your options with them. Providing them with your budget when you request a quote will keep everyone on the same page from the get go.

Accept help from friends

Everyone has a creative friend or an Aunt who makes the best desserts. If the offer then ACCEPT, it isn’t rude and you aren’t putting them out. They love you and want to help.

Use things you can sell after

If you go to Facebook marketplace and search “Wedding” so many items will come up. See what you can find there and buy second hand. Once your wedding is over and you no longer have any use for the 500 candlesticks you purchased and did not use then sell them, one man's junk is another man's treasure as they say.

Drop the pointless shit

No one and we mean NO ONE takes home the favors from a reception, unless it’s alcohol or food, so unless you are set on something in particular just drop them. They are usually a last minute stress for you anyway, you don’t know what to buy and then they are scooped up and put in the trash at the end of the night. They won’t be missed…trust us.

Sharing’s caring

Full guests are happy guests. Food platters to share will make your guests happy and will make a caterer’s job easier . Consider food trucks, BBQ’s or animals on a spit.

Have you got any additional tips you'd like to share? Leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

Love WG


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