3 Tips To Finding Your Wedding Vendors

Updated: May 2

How's your planning going? We know, it can be a tad stressful.

Searching for vendors is almost a full timejob. Between the calls, quotes, viewings, so many vendors, so many options - how do you choose?

Well, here are our TOP TIPS to find the right vendors for your wedding

1. Speak to your venue – they should have a list of recommended vendors they have worked with in the past - especially local ones. We provide our couples with a list of great vendors - caterers, florists, photographers and tipi's.

2. Check the reviews - some websites can be misleading, especially some wedding directories where vendors pay to have their service promoted. This is where googling and years of stalking experience comes into play. Research, research, research - google search or even better, go onto fb bride groups and get a second opinion. Get your list and definitely check it twice! Start a list with comparisons in prices so you remember who you've approached and how much each vendor costs.

3. Trial their services - some vendors offer a free trial/try-before-you-buy service. Definitely take advantage of it. From experience, you walk away knowing exactly what you're going to get on the day without any surprises. Sit down with them in a zoom meeting or even ask them to come and meet you at the venue viewing so you can show them around too and they have a good understanding of your expectations. Also, communication is key. If they are not responsive... say thank you, next!

LESSON FOR TODAY: Do not leave anything to chance especially in the current climate where vendors are getting booked out 18 months ahead. The last thing you need is to have any concerns about a vendor on the day of your wedding.

Did we mention that we’re available with more info or support about venues and vendors with our Wedding Planning services?

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