We wanted to shake up the wedding industry, so here we are!

Founded by Meg & Emma.


Oh, hello there! To think that two women who met while slogging away in recruitment for 5 years together, would end up here? With backgrounds in events, networking and working bloody hard we realised we could collaborate and deliver incredible weddings together.

In 2019, Wedding Grounds began.

Emma spent years coordinating events, including weddings and she was sick of seeing the same old ‘one size fits all’ packages. When it came time to plan her own wedding, Emma wanted the flexibility of working with her own vendors and a venue that worked with her. The hunt began and eventually she found the ideal location that she could turn into her dream. The thing is, there wasn’t much out there that gave Emma the freedom she wanted on her special day and she realised there was a gap in the wedding industry that needed to be filled.

Meg is a sucker for a wedding. With a background in events, Meg began her career coordinating conferences and seminars for motivational speakers. A self confessed perfectionist with a knack for getting S#%! done, Meg gets a kick out of helping lovebirds plan the ultimate big day.


So let's talk weddings!